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Welcome to the Doxa Deo Family Website

We want to welcome you to our family and the special dream God entrusted our ministry with.
Seeing cities changed to places where God reigns is the heartbeat of our ministry.
We believe that God has a special plan for cities and uses ordinary people in exceptional ways to reflect His glory and love.

New to Doxa Deo?

Through this website we share the heart and dream of God for our ministry with people who are not familiar or directly involved in this dream. If you are NEW, we’ve prepared special information for you that will help you to understand who Doxa Deo is and what our ministry does on a daily basis. We also want to link you up with a Doxa Deo Campus nearest to you so that you can pay us a visit!

Already a Partner?

At times the Doxa Deo Family may seem complex with all its activities!
We hope that the website will help you to better understand how the Doxa Deo Family functions.

We celebrate the fact that this website is the first communication that tells the Doxa Deo Family story.
At times we get so focused on individual projects within the family we forget the bigger picture!
We are all unified in God’s dream for cities! Blessings!